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Radiolite #700 / Sigmalite (Kowa Japan )
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 May, 2009.
Item #: 147
Price:  $0.00
Product description

Origin: Japan

Grade: Food

Packing: 20 kgs / bag


Tint = White

Moisture = 0.5 %

Purity = 85 %

Ignition Loss (max.g/%) = 0.2 %

Specific Gravity = 2.1

Filteration flow-rate index = 2.3

Average diameter of capillary in the cake = 5.9 micron

PH = 8 9

Qualification: There are the most standard filter aids and are accepted in chemical processings, food industries and medicine manufacturing industries.

Field / Factory usage: Beer wort, Enzyme, Fruit juice, glutamic acid, Lubricating oil, shellac, plastic, vegetable oil, Animal oil, Solvents , Planting liquid, Sugar, etc.

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